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Hello world! My name is Wink

I'm WInk, and I've been selected to represent the HepCatz cats in a blog. I'll be sending missives from the home front and porch.

A little about moi.

I was born a poor feral cat in the woods behind the canopener's house. The canopener lured me into being affectionate with tuna and some well-placed ear scritching.

As a kitten, one of my litter mates brutally mauled me while we were feeding, and, after a terrifying trip to the V-E-T, I only have one eye.

I'm ok with that, I see more with my one eye than most do with two.

I'm a long-haired red cat, the most handsome of domestic cats by general acclaim.

Turn ons: Tuna, deli chicken, cream cheese. Taunting feathers and chasing the little red dot.

Turn offs: NOT catching the little red dot. Fleas.

Latest accomplishment: Staying out all night last week. The canopener will never know where I went. What happens in the side yard stays in the side yard.

Most embarassing moment: I'm a cat. There are none.

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