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Far, far to the bazaar

So, I heard the canopener talking about selling cats in an eastern bazaar Saturday. I'm hoping that maybe she'll sell the porch cats, especially that little sneaky kitten.

It's cute and all, but I don't like it. It's too cute. Maybe she'll sell Mr. Fluffy Butt too, although I like him.

I wonder what people do with cats they buy in a bazaar. Maybe they have nice homes with little silk settees and dogs to fan them and feed them anchovies. Sigh.

And, I'm thinking that if she's going to the East, shell be gone awhle. I hope it's the far, far away East.

Then, maybe we'll get the extra chow and can mess up some stuff.

Canopener note: Sorry, Wink. Coupla corrections: It's Art-A-Palooza at the East End Bazaar, it's in Charleston Saturday, Sept. 20, and I'm not selling the porch cats, I'm selling HepCatz. If I were going to sell real cats, I'd start with the ones inside the house.

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