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While the canopener's away, the cats will play

Canopener's note: Found the yak. Thanks guys, made my middle of the night. Next time, no extra food.

The canopener went away for a couple of days. She's going on the road to try to get stores to buy the HepCatz cards.

We knew this was coming when she got out her backpack.

Myla Lou rolled around on as many of the black T-shirts the canopener was packing as possible, shedding an extra hair or two thousand. Just so she didn't pine for us while she's away.

Soon as she was gone, we ate most of the extra kibble she put down.

Yum! Yum! Yuuuuh.... yuuuuuh... yuh... yak!

We like the bed for yakking. Especially if we can upchuck where it's inconspicuous yet surprising. Best if she finds it after she's tucked in.

Then, mostly, we sleep. Eat what's left. Look out the window.

That darned kitten is still on the porch. Watched her for awhile. And the birds.

Yaaaawwwnn. Sleep.

Played some computer games. That Plants v. Zombies cracks me up. It's difficult without the opposable thumbs, but doable. Made some long-distance phone calls.

She'll be home soon, I guess.

Going to go see if I can muster up a hairball for the floor right inside the door.

Welcome home!

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