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Capitol Catz

The HepCatz and the canopener are going to D.C. to learn something (we hope) at the American Made Show. There will be lots of people selling handcrafted, lovely pieces of art to other people who want to sell them, as we understand it.



I like handcrafted objects, especially wooden ones. Get the right handmade coffee table, where the wood is all nice and smooth ... and then scratch that sucker up. Good on all levels, the feel of grain beneath your toes, the smell of natural finishes and the sound the canopener makes when she discovers your "tinks" to the work of art.

Also nice are hand woven scarves and thows. So cuddly. Ususally take fur very well. And almost impossible to clean after the inevitable yak.

Shiny jewelry is so skittery and fun until you knock one earring under the stove....

Maybe she'll bring us back something.

She and the HepCatz are just observing. Not selling. Which, frankly, doesn't make us real cats very happy. I'm hoping the HepCatz mark some territory.

We are happy to be able to lounge unencumbered by her constant talking and rousting us from naps. Plus, with all the extra kibble, we'll leave a little something extra for HER.

Ah, it's a good life.

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