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We're all, like, commercial

So, the canopener finally has shopping on the website. Now when she goes to shows, she'll be able to just say "yes! there's shopping on my website," rather than the stumbling excuses she's been using.

Speaking for the HepCatz, we hope you find something you'd like to buy, or

, just admire us. Me in particular. There's been a lot of activity at the house and I'm not feeling the love.

Everyone's a little off. Myla Lou has been spending a lot of time in a box that fits her perfectly. Mr. Fluffy Butt and the Contessa just can't seem to get along. Sieben can't decide if she wants in or out, and the tortie twins want to be out ALL the time. 'Neaky is just plain weird.

The canopener watches the Food Network and wonders if Bobby Flay really lives in the apartment the holiday specials are set in. Then it's over to the Hallmark Channel to watch sappy holiday movies that make her cry.

More work! Less laying around! That's what we all need. Everyone but me, anyway.

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