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Mr. Fluffy Butt goes to Washington

it's been a long winter and I'm just waking up.

February was really cold. Thank goodness I have long hair and the canopener has an electric blanket that makes napping quite comfortable, except when she wants to get in the bed.

January was fun for HepCatz spokesfeline Mr. Fluffy Butt who took a trip to Washington, D.C. with the canopener to the American Made Show and spent a very long day trying to make the HepCatz line of products look good. He thinks he made a good impression, chatting up the critiquers. "They loved ME, anyway."

He went to dinner at a cool Chinese restaurant, and impressessed the Tamarack canopeners with his knowledge of Chinese dog jokes and his suberb sushi selections.

The last day in town, the canopener let him drive (she gets lost and cats have an excellent sense of direction, if a spot of difficulty reaching the brake pedal) for a little sightseeing.

They both came home pumped for HepCatz, but then snuggled up under the electric blanket and none of us got up until the end of February.

But, we're all ready to go, now. There's sunshine on the porch most every day and it's almost hairball season.

In the house: Rumors of The Contessa's demise are greatly exaggerated. She was pretty sick, but after three weeeks of antibiotics, she's back to her catty self. She's got three more weeks of medicine coming up, but at least it's tuna-flavored.

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