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What the ... where?

So, the canopener woke me up from a nice nap. "We're hitting the social media highway," she says. "Fasten your seatbelt."

Of course, I ran under the bed. I hate trips. In my experience, trips only mean one thing ... V. E. T. Very extreme torture.

She coaxed me out with a bit of tuna. Eh, I can be had. And there was no sign of the box.

The canopener explained about getting this blog thing out to more viewers. Other canopeners, she suspects.

But I know better. Yoshi Toshi Lim? I'm talking to you. Lil' G? You too.

So, ok, I'll hit the highway. Just don't expect for me to ask directions.

And, canopener? A little more tuna, please.

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