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Why, Hello .... Kitty?

The recent revelation that Kitty White of Hello Kitty fame is not, in fact, a kitty, isn't shocking.

Seriously, who doesn't want to be a cat? This little Londoner has gone to some extremes with the whisker tattoos and ear modification surgery. Sad, isn't it? That canopeners go to such lengths to make themselves like us?

Sanrio's Hello Kitty brand saturates the world with moneymakers from purses and jewelry to restaurants (and what do they serve?) and jets.

Why can't canopeners just own their purpose in the world and be satisfied?

Hello Kitty supposedly has a twin sister ... an evil twin? Perhaps ... a personification of a DOG?

HepCatz are 100 percent All-American cats. Yes, they dabble in human behaviors — mostly mischievous — but they do it with feline flair.

As for Kitty, I have to admit to a little sadness. She is cute, after all. Unlike my housemates.

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